Make meaningful works of literature part of your life.

What they offer

If you feel intimidated by Victor Hugo, Sinclair Lewis, Edmund Rostand, or any other classic author, Read With Me can help.
Read With Me offers audiobooks and commentary to help you connect with classic literature. They won't dissect a book, telling you about the literary devices or structure. No, Read With Me will help you LOVE literature. Read With Me will help you feel emotionally connected to the characters and story.
Each book is broken into manageable sections accompanied by summaries and commentary. You can listen to the audio, read the text, or both. The summaries will help you work through books with more difficult language and the commentaries will help you forge a deep connection with the material.

Who this is for

  • Anyone who wants to read more, but doesn't know where to start.
  • Seasoned readers looking for a deeper connection.
  • Teachers looking for inspiration

How to use it

  • Start by downloading the app. We recommend you begin your literary journey with Victor Hugo's Ninety-Three or Jack Shaefer's Shane.
  • Try "A Chapter a Day of Les Misérables". There are 365 chapters of Les Misérables and they have written commentary to accompany each chapter. You can register to receive the reading and commentary as a daily email.


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