A New Approach to Art Appreciation.

What they offer

If, like me, you find it difficult to connect to paintings and statues then you must try Touching the Art.
Luc Travers is on a mission to help people connect to art. book. He does not focus on the history or technical aspects of the artwork. Instead he help you experience art like you would a movie or book. His method helps you extract the story and values contained in the artwork allowing you to have an intense emotional experience.
I first learned about Luc's method when I saw this short 6 minute video and I highly recommend watching it. Up until that point I had never connected to any artwork. I thought it wasn't for me. This video changed my relationship to art and I hope it can do the same for you.

Who this is for

  • Adults who want to learn to connect with art and have an emotionally stimulating experience.
  • Teachers who would like to make art appreciation accessible to their students.

Use cases

  • Download the app and use the "Surprise Me" button to view your first artwork. Listen to Luc's questions and reading for the artwork.
  • On your next trip to a museum, click the "Museums" tab in the app to see if Luc has done readings of any artworks. If he has, listen to his reading while you view the artwork live at the museum.


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